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Aug 06 2013

On Nostalgia, Newspapers

I was watching Gone With the Wind yesterday, and it’s a truly awful movie. I mean, I can’t at this moment think of anything enjoyable or redeeming about it unless I missed Rhett slapping Scarlett. Did I miss that? I stopped watching when poor old Scarlet sees her mother dead. In the meantime, Melanie  is deathly […]

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Jan 08 2012

End of the Line?

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Readers of this blog may not be aware that is not just where I post my crappy personal screeds; it’s also a hosting provider. Last month I posted the message below on our front page, and I’d like to repost it here as the US Congress prepares to resume its legislative session for the […]

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Feb 18 2011

Chris Smith, Y U No Like Women?

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Last night the House of Representatives voted to withdraw $330 million of federal funding from Planned Parenthood. At the same time they voted to spend $1.5 billion more on defense, including $7.5 million for the Army to sponsor a NASCAR car. In defense of the cuts, Republicans in the House gave inflammatory, vulgar speeches, one […]

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Feb 04 2011


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I wrote an entry yesterday and Michael said it was a horrible guilt trip for my parents. Which is why I almost didn’t write it and am currently considering “un-writing” it. I think it’s important to remember that I subscribe to the “every parent fucks up their child” view of life. One day M and […]

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Jan 10 2011


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I’ve been thinking. Whatever happened to politicians being politicians and activists being activists. Let me break it down. Activists get shit done. They focus on one problem or one section of  a problem and they work their asses off to solve it. Eventually, when they find a solution that works in multiple arenas, they convince […]

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