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Dec 08 2011

Why Do Nearly All Keyboards Suck?

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I am a geek, and this extends to my home environment. By this I mean that the number of DHCP leases in our household exceeds the number of humans by a factor of 7. I spend a lot of money on things with blinking lights, and at least a few of these things have keyboards. […]

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Oct 16 2011

Warning Signs

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I had a rough week. Actually, I’ve had a rough month. Some stuff came to a head this week, and I said to myself, “time to start looking for a counselor.” Mistake number one. At first, I was irritated because I was only finding counselors who identified as ‘Christian counselors.’ I find this offensive mostly […]

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Oct 07 2011

Men Today

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There’s been this surge lately to talk about the current generation of young men in this country, and how they lack purpose. For all the insights social scientists and everyone are stirring into the pot, I think they mis-characterize men. I spend most of my day browsing the internet, which, as I made to understand, is […]

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Aug 13 2011

My Morning so Far

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I’ve been up for 2 (two) hours. Here is how my morning began. Wake up to cat scratching around my side of the bed. Yell at her. Hear a little more scratching, then nothing. Fall back asleep for a few minutes. Wake up to cat scratching again, sit up to yell at her. Cat crawls […]

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Aug 10 2011

Nobody Seems to Care What’s Real Anymore

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Or at least, some significant portion of the U.S. population seems not to. I think there have been some really disturbing trends in U.S. politics recently, and when I look the social forces behind those changes I can’t help but get the feeling that a large portion of Americans are increasingly unconcerned with the factual […]

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