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Jul 06 2015


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My social media feed last week was full of the news about the Harvard Business School study which showed that daughters of working mothers are more successful… well, within a certain definition of success. I read the headline and then thought briefly about what possible criteria they would use to determine success – my guess […]

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Aug 06 2013

On Nostalgia, Newspapers

I was watching Gone With the Wind yesterday, and it’s a truly awful movie. I mean, I can’t at this moment think of anything enjoyable or redeeming about it unless I missed Rhett slapping Scarlett. Did I miss that? I stopped watching when poor old Scarlet sees her mother dead. In the meantime, Melanie  is deathly […]

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Jul 31 2012

Can Women Have “It All”?

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No. The answer is and always will be “No,” because absolutely no one on this planet has boundless energy and money and effort to devote to every single thing that really captures their passion. Why do people concerned with equality between genders ask this stupid question? Can a woman who is talented and has the […]

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Mar 15 2012

Ladies- Buy More Stuff

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If I see another article or hear another special on how 90%  (or 70% or 85%) of women don’t wear bras that are correctly fitted, I will probably go on a murderous rampage. Probably. Listen, if you’re not in any physical pain because of your bra or the unsupported, pendulous weight of your bosoms — […]

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Jan 08 2012

End of the Line?

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Readers of this blog may not be aware that is not just where I post my crappy personal screeds; it’s also a hosting provider. Last month I posted the message below on our front page, and I’d like to repost it here as the US Congress prepares to resume its legislative session for the […]

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