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Dec 08 2011

Why Do Nearly All Keyboards Suck?

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I am a geek, and this extends to my home environment. By this I mean that the number of DHCP leases in our household exceeds the number of humans by a factor of 7. I spend a lot of money on things with blinking lights, and at least a few of these things have keyboards. […]

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Jun 02 2011

Finally, Someone Hears my Complaints

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I was at the grocery store Monday. I was by myself, which is unusual. I was by myself because Michael dropped a Commodore disk drive on his toe and smashed it. Walking was, understandably, hard for him. Also, he was pretty doped up on pain killers and too many episodes of Arrested Development. I was […]

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Dec 21 2010

Just Take the Train Already

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As I write this, Kara and I are winding across Northeastern Indiana on Amtrak’s Capitol Limited, the successor to the famous cross-country B&O route. We’re heading home from St. Louis to DC for the holidays, and we decided several months ago that we would make the trip by train. Taking the train is neither the […]

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May 07 2009


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About a year ago, I bought a Flat Fold Colander, which you can see Cathy Mitchell pitching on TV here. It was a good purchase, because it was six bucks, it performs as advertised, and it hasn’t broken yet. But I am not here to extol the virtues of the Flat Fold Colander, diverse though […]

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Mar 25 2009

Things We Like – Fajita Grande

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Michael and I have been talking a lot about how we probably come off as bitter old fogies on this blog – or worse, spastically angry people with completely irrational moods. Well, we’re all those things, but we still like some stuff. A lot of stuff. There wouldn’t be much point to living if you […]

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