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Aug 06 2013

On Nostalgia, Newspapers

I was watching Gone With the Wind yesterday, and it’s a truly awful movie. I mean, I can’t at this moment think of anything enjoyable or redeeming about it unless I missed Rhett slapping Scarlett. Did I miss that? I stopped watching when poor old Scarlet sees her mother dead. In the meantime,¬†Melanie ¬†is deathly […]

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Sep 17 2012

Zen… or something

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I miss being able to relax. I don’t mean that my life is so insanely busy that I have no time to relax. I do, of course. I have oodles of time, I think. I just mean that it’s a skill I don’t have, and it made me think about what relaxation actually is, where […]

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Jul 31 2012

Can Women Have “It All”?

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No. The answer is and always will be “No,” because absolutely no one on this planet has boundless energy and money and effort to devote to every single thing that really captures their passion. Why do people concerned with equality between genders ask this stupid question? Can a woman who is talented and has the […]

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Jan 05 2012

The Decay of the Nuclear Family

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I’ve written about 25 blog entries over the past several years that I’ve never published because I didn’t think they were good enough. So, for New Year’s, I’m cleaning them up and clearing out my backlog of drafts. Roger Ebert, who for some reason has one of the smartest and most consistently readable blogs on […]

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Nov 10 2011


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The world is a storm. We come in, screaming like waves shattering on a beach. We are battered by rain and by wind. Clouds and lightning keep us from seeing ourselves or our world clearly. We are, essentially, alone. Our struggles are fought mostly alone, mostly internally. We can reach out and hold hands, but […]

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