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Oct 20 2014

Hiking – Dogwood Trail

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In the spirit of getting back to talking about other things on the blog, this weekend Michael and I took some time to visit a local park and take a hike. I spent a few hours on Friday researching parks and hikes we could do, trying to find a sweet spot between interesting, strenuous enough […]

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May 19 2012

Keeping Busy

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I was going to rant, today. I was going to craft an entry about how diets are not religions, and how sanctimonious and unappealing I find proselytizing  on any subject. Losing 50 or 100 pounds is a huge accomplishment, and I understand how happy and enlightening it can feel. But being happy and enlightened doesn’t […]

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Jan 07 2012

The Saint Louis Symphony

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Michael and I have been in the general area of Saint Louis for over a year now. We’ve seen and done some really cool stuff, here. When we first moved, I worried a lot. Would I be able to see concerts? Would I be able to go see indie movies? The truth is, Saint Louis […]

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Nov 28 2011


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Michael and I just got back from a trip to visit our families in the DC-area. I’ll probably devote an  entry to the train ride because Amtrak has made some fantastic changes to the Capitol Limited route and it excited me. While we were in the area, I insisted on going to the National Zoo […]

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Oct 18 2010

White Castle is Over-Rated

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When I was in college near Baltimore, people went on food pilgrimages to two fast food restaurants: Sonic and White Castle. Michael and I would make the hour or two trip to Sonic and then drive another hour to the beach. We would often pick up and go, doing this at like 8 o’clock at night when […]

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