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Aug 06 2013

On Nostalgia, Newspapers

I was watching Gone With the Wind yesterday, and it’s a truly awful movie. I mean, I can’t at this moment think of anything enjoyable or redeeming about it unless I missed Rhett slapping Scarlett. Did I miss that? I stopped watching when poor old Scarlet sees her mother dead. In the meantime, Melanie  is deathly […]

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Mar 18 2011


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I got a invitation from a friend on facebook. She’s deleting one profile to start a new one, I guess because she had a bunch of friends on her old one that she doesn’t like. This online practice has always amazed me. I used to run into it on journal sites. I never sought-out friends […]

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Nov 06 2010

Blogs Are Rarely Insightful, Except this One. It Is Never Insightful.

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So, my mom mentioned this blog to me Snoburbia. I don’t like it, so I’m not linking to it. I think she thought it was insightful. It is not. Blogs rarely are. The blogger irritated me first by referring to mid-america as, “that space between the two coasts”. Maybe she was being facetious. I hope […]

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Oct 06 2010

RE: Dude

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My email address is being used to spam a ton of people. As it turns out, I get a lot of emails from mail servers saying my mail was undeliverable. So not only is my email being used to spam people, but I get spammed when those spam emails get returned. It’s actually pretty amusing, […]

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Sep 25 2010

Narcissistic Title Goes Here

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So not long after I put up the Mitchell Heisman post, someone named Steven Carter left this comment: I don’t know either of you. However, I do know two traits that you both share. Bloated egos and a sense that you are just so damn deep and intelligent that the world just doesn’t understand you. […]

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