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Oct 06 2014

A New Leaf…

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This blog has, far too often, served as a chronicle of diets Michael and I have undertaken at various intervals on our quests to lose weight, to feel good and to eat ethically. I think Michael and I have treated ourselves like medical guinea pigs and we have the records to prove it – not […]

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Sep 26 2014

Green BEAN Delivery is Awesome

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I have a sensation that Michael and I think way too frequently about how to eat ethically – what does an ethical consumer look like? Our ethical debates have led us to all sorts of places — vegetarianism, veganism, CSA’s and Farmer’s Markets. There are a million things to debate about. Organic vs. Conventional vs. […]

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Aug 04 2012

Back on Track

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M and I had a messy month or two. It was good messy, mostly. Lots of work and packing and moving. And buying our first house. Which still kind of feels like a vacation house to me and not like my home. Well, we got busy and had to pack and clean and unpack. Actually, […]

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Mar 17 2012

My FitBit

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A few weeks ago, Michael and I found ourselves in a Brookstone. In case you aren’t familiar with that brand, picture a store that sells the most useless gadgets in the world at a pretty penny. Projection clocks, baskets that warm your bath towels, electronic candy dispensers and fancy socks for taking naps all pepper […]

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Oct 16 2011

Warning Signs

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I had a rough week. Actually, I’ve had a rough month. Some stuff came to a head this week, and I said to myself, “time to start looking for a counselor.” Mistake number one. At first, I was irritated because I was only finding counselors who identified as ‘Christian counselors.’ I find this offensive mostly […]

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