Dec 31 2014

In Which New Years is Slammed

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If you suffer from what could probably be termed Seasonal Affective Disorder, New Years’ celebrations and resolutions come at a terrible freaking time. You feel like crap. The world looks like crap. And now you have to think about what you ought to be changing when you hardly feel like getting out of bed.

My recommendation if that scenario sounds familiar: celebrate the “New Year” earlier in the year. For example, August tends to be the time of year when I start taking care of shit – I don’t know why. Something about the end of Summer puts me in the state of mind to reflect and get shit together. Probably because I’m worried about the Winter. So for me, I use the pagan holidays of Lughnasadh/ Lammas to make an action plan for change. This year, that focus was mostly on losing weight, cleaning the damn house and picking back up some hobbies (reading and library visits, embroidery, yoga, cooking). And bam, since Lughnasadh/Lammas I’ve:

– Cleaned the house reasonably enough that we can have guests over on no notice (and we hosted a few people, which was nice)
– Lost over 15 pounds
– Spent a lot of time getting more comfortable and confident in the kitchen
– Read new books I was excited about (with a few trips to the library)
– Picked embroidery back up and spent a lot of time on it, learning new stitches and getting a LOT better
– Did yoga daily, strengthening my body, increasing my flexibility and, maybe most importantly, increasing the mental space in my day to day life

So, I’m four months ahead on all my resolutions, which means I can ride four months of momentum through the low Winter months. I just have to keep on trucking like I have been and progress will continue, unabated. Now that is a reassuring sentiment for the New Year.

Big Ned

Or, in Simpsons terms, “Stay the course, Big Ned. You’re doing super.”

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