Oct 17 2014

Moving On Up

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I’ve decided to move most of my food blogging to a separate blog — keto.4d2.org. I hate the fact that this blog: home of political screeds, technological nerdiness, and rants about modern life has also become, overwhelmingly, a diet and food blog (largely at my behest). But more than that: I’m spending a majority of time now planning out meals; trying new recipes and making up my own that it seemed reasonable for me to have a space to explore that and that alone. A space to talk about food without stepping on this blog’s toes.

So, if you’re interested in what sort of low-carb deliciousness I’m making, or you just want to laugh at me with a mouth stuffed full of cherry pie and a stout beer in your hand, you can find me there.

And I’m sure I’ll find other things to talk about on this blog: politics or movies or rants about human nature. It will be a return to the days of yore.

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