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Oct 20 2014

Hiking – Dogwood Trail

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In the spirit of getting back to talking about other things on the blog, this weekend Michael and I took some time to visit a local park and take a hike. I spent a few hours on Friday researching parks and hikes we could do, trying to find a sweet spot between interesting, strenuous enough […]

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Oct 17 2014

Moving On Up

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I’ve decided to move most of my food blogging to a separate blog — I hate the fact that this blog: home of political screeds, technological nerdiness, and rants about modern life has also become, overwhelmingly, a diet and food blog (largely at my behest). But more than that: I’m spending a majority of […]

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Oct 06 2014

A New Leaf…

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This blog has, far too often, served as a chronicle of diets Michael and I have undertaken at various intervals on our quests to lose weight, to feel good and to eat ethically. I think Michael and I have treated ourselves like medical guinea pigs and we have the records to prove it – not […]

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