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Aug 27 2013

Recipe: Vegan Zucchini Bread

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A few weeks ago, Michael and I picked up 3 pretty large zucchinis. My thought was to roast them in the oven and also to use them in my veggie pasta. But it stayed in the 95 degree range all that week and was humid on top of it. I couldn’t bother to turn on […]

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Aug 06 2013

On Nostalgia, Newspapers

I was watching Gone With the Wind yesterday, and it’s a truly awful movie. I mean, I can’t at this moment think of anything enjoyable or redeeming about it unless I missed Rhett slapping Scarlett. Did I miss that? I stopped watching when poor old Scarlet sees her mother dead. In the meantime,¬†Melanie ¬†is deathly […]

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