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Mar 25 2012

Birthday Cupcakes

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So, my birthday is tomorrow. Convention would drive M and me to the grocery, where we would pick up a piece or two of store-made cake, laden with chemicals and vegetable grease and call it a day. This year, I decided I was feeling ambitious enough to make some cake. But two people can not […]

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Mar 17 2012

My FitBit

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A few weeks ago, Michael and I found ourselves in a Brookstone. In case you aren’t familiar with that brand, picture a store that sells the most useless gadgets in the world at a pretty penny. Projection clocks, baskets that warm your bath towels, electronic candy dispensers and fancy socks for taking naps all pepper […]

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Mar 15 2012

Ladies- Buy More Stuff

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If I see another article or hear another special on how 90%  (or 70% or 85%) of women don’t wear bras that are correctly fitted, I will probably go on a murderous rampage. Probably. Listen, if you’re not in any physical pain because of your bra or the unsupported, pendulous weight of your bosoms — […]

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