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Oct 16 2011

Warning Signs

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I had a rough week. Actually, I’ve had a rough month. Some stuff came to a head this week, and I said to myself, “time to start looking for a counselor.” Mistake number one. At first, I was irritated because I was only finding counselors who identified as ‘Christian counselors.’ I find this offensive mostly […]

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Oct 13 2011

Chicks with… Guitars, duh!

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In my teens, I played guitar for a pretty substansial period of time. Mostly classical style. I don’t think I was very good, but I could sight-read reasonably well and I think I did okay for how stubby my fingers are. I had friends who were all writing their own music — metal or punk […]

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Oct 07 2011

Men Today

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There’s been this surge lately to talk about the current generation of young men in this country, and how they lack purpose. For all the insights social scientists and everyone are stirring into the pot, I think they mis-characterize men. I spend most of my day browsing the internet, which, as I made to understand, is […]

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