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Sep 29 2011

Vegetarians Are Still Judgmental Assholes

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So… I came across this “comic” posted on facebook by an acquaintance.  I always assumed vegetarians got their protein at the same store where they got their self-congratulatory, moralistic, righteousness. I love you assholes. But you’re still just making emotional appeals for a lifestyle that has never actually happened naturally at any point in human […]

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Sep 21 2011

In which, Kara Talks about her Crazy…

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Rapidly changing your habits can feel like a godsend at first. It makes you feel powerful and in-control and that’s all wonderful. When you change quickly, the people around you notice. You can ride that high for months. I’m not strictly speaking about my diet, although that’s certainly an aspect of me that has changed in […]

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Sep 11 2011


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When the twin towers went down, I was in class. I was sixteen years old. My AP world history teacher peeked his head in the door and told the teacher of that class (English, maybe?) to turn the tv on. We watched the second tower go down live. By the time we heard about the […]

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Sep 01 2011


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I’m not a sappy person. In spite of whatever this blog says or shows, 95% of the time, I am a person focused largely on what is rational, reasonable, logical, sensible. In the past, this was often to the detriment of my own emotional health. But that’s not what I came to say. About four […]

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