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Aug 31 2011

Medifast – Five Months

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So, I’ve been tracking my eating with Lose It (the app for my phone and on the web) for a full month. A month ago, Michael and I sat down with some numbers, for example: The number which represents the dollar amount we spend monthly on food for me (Medifast – 5 meals a day, […]

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Aug 30 2011


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At some point, as people grow, they realize a few things. Well, some of us do and others of us never do. But in order to grow into a happy person, a person realizes at the very least that they are responsible for their own happiness. I guess what I mean is this – everyone […]

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Aug 13 2011

My Morning so Far

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I’ve been up for 2 (two) hours. Here is how my morning began. Wake up to cat scratching around my side of the bed. Yell at her. Hear a little more scratching, then nothing. Fall back asleep for a few minutes. Wake up to cat scratching again, sit up to yell at her. Cat crawls […]

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Aug 10 2011

Nobody Seems to Care What’s Real Anymore

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Or at least, some significant portion of the U.S. population seems not to. I think there have been some really disturbing trends in U.S. politics recently, and when I look the social forces behind those changes I can’t help but get the feeling that a large portion of Americans are increasingly unconcerned with the factual […]

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