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Jul 13 2011

Badger Brush

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So, Michael decided to invest in a straight razor. Among all the old man toys (hair tonic, shaving oil, freaking terrifying straight razor) were two toothbrushes. Made of badger hair. There is something vaguely disconcerting about shoving an animal in your mouth. I mean, an animal which you’re not consuming for nutrients. But, let me […]

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Jul 05 2011


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Isn’t it incredible how many people trust their own intuition over everything else? Either that or everyone I’ve run into in the part hour or so has the uncanny ability to be everywhere and know everything. Yeah. You know more watching nancy grace than 12 people like you know after listening to testimony from experts […]

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Jul 02 2011

On Approaching Four Months

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I haven’t talked a lot about my diet on this blog. I have purposefully not talked a lot about my diet on this blog. This blog sort of became the chronicle of my failed diets. I hate that. I hate that because I have, at one prior point in my life, lost fifty pounds. I […]

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