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Jun 30 2011


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So, I’ve noticed people have a habit here that I have never seen before in my years of professional work. Here’s the set-up: a not-so-thin woman in her 30’s or 40’s stands in front of the vending machine in the break room. She has no change in her hand, she is simply looking. A man […]

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Jun 27 2011

Building a “new” Commodore 64

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I have a bit of an infatuation with the Commodore 64, a 1980s icon and still the best-selling computer ever made according to the Guinness Book of Records. I think it’s just about the perfect home computer: it’s capable of high-resolution graphics, it has a nice keyboard, it’s compact, it has enough memory for most […]

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Jun 18 2011

Father’s Day Advice

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So, Father’s Day is tomorrow. I’ve been dealing with some pretty heavy stuff regarding my dad, and I think it’s easy to get wrapped up in that junk and not appreciate your parent as a flawed, but still pretty cool, person. So I tried to think about advice my dad gave me. It was hard, […]

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Jun 15 2011

On Two Months…

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Well, I’ve been on medifast for well over two-months now. Which is longer than I have been on any diet that I wasn’t on for mostly ethical reasons (read: Vegetarian, Vegan). And when you feel unhappy on a vegan or vegetarian diet, you always have these pictures of happy animals who you’re not eating to […]

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Jun 06 2011

Human Chow

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Sometimes I envy our cat a little bit, at least where food is concerned. Kara pours food out of a bag and into a bowl for her, she eats it whenever she’s hungry, and it keeps her healthy and fit. Maybe that sounds strange since food is supposed to be such a romantic thing. In […]

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