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May 28 2011

Recipe: Fish Cakes

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This is something I meant to post a long time ago, one of my “lazy recipes.” It’s an idea I had when Kara and I wanted crab cakes but were too cheap to purchase crab, and it’s really pretty simple — it’s just Maryland crab cakes made with cheap whitefish instead of crab, and a […]

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May 26 2011

Things I’ve Seen Lately

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The great thing about living somewhere new to you, is you see lots of things that are new to you! Lately, the weather has been kind of scary in Missouri, and I’ve seen a lot of things I’ve never seen before. Wall clouds, rotating clouds, a whole rotating storm system. After the storms have leveled […]

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May 16 2011


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I’ve been thinking today. When does something become a habit? I’ve been dieting for a little over a month, now. Sometime, over the last week or two, I just realized I don’t really care about what I can’t eat any more. I stopped seeing everything in terms of being deprived or denied something. I can’t […]

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May 12 2011


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A friend on facebook linked to an article from the Huffington Post about protestors on Wal-Street. I had three thoughts upon reading the article. Since when do we, taxpayers and voters, go to businesses and demand they police themselves? This is the role that government and law are supposed to play on our behalves. Yes […]

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May 09 2011


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Michael and I bought a VCR about a year ago. I have a lot of VHS because I taped a lot of things off television back in the day. When nine inch nails’ The Fragile came out, I taped every Trent Reznor anything that was shown. I also have nine inch nails’ Closure on VHS, […]

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