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Apr 24 2011

Fructose and Obesity: Part 2

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This is a quick follow-up to an earlier post in which I laid out a hypothesis about what makes people fat. At the end of that post, I mentioned that I was going to modify my diet for a week to test out some of the basic ideas that underlie that hypothesis…specifically, that weight loss […]

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Apr 22 2011

A Small(er) Rant

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I’ve been dieting for two weeks now. I don’t really make a thing out of it; I actively try not to. If people are curious, I understand. I started off the diet and stopped eating lunch with friends at work, just to be rid of temptation. I’m feeling pretty secure now, so yesterday, I started […]

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Apr 18 2011

Fructose and Obesity

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Kara and I are plugging steadily away on the Medifast diet, a program consisting of 5 daily high-protein meals of approximately 100 Calories each plus a “lean and green” protein-vegetable combination and a few condiments and healthy fats. The weight loss is steady, and at first it’s fairly impressive. Medifast just barely qualifies a low-carbohydrate […]

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Apr 11 2011

A Medifast-compatible Barbecue Sauce

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So Kara and I are back on Medifast, one of the diets we’ve tried and failed before. I don’t really want to get into it too much (yet) since I’m sick of this blog becoming a chronicle of diets we’ve blown, and I don’t like feeling like dieting is becoming a hobby. But I would […]

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Apr 08 2011


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So unless our bickering leaders in Congress can reach an agreement on how to allocate funds for the next year, the “non-essential” portions of United States federal government are poised to shut down tonight at midnight. Can’t we all just get along? At least, that’s the way the issue is being portrayed in the media. […]

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