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Mar 28 2011


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So, Saturday I turned 26. I was going to write this entry then, but I was in and out of drool-y, half-woken, sleep all day because I was sick. Am still sick, currently. But I don’t really have much to say about being 26. It is what it is. But what I was thinking, the […]

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Mar 18 2011


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I got a invitation from a friend on facebook. She’s deleting one profile to start a new one, I guess because she had a bunch of friends on her old one that she doesn’t like. This online practice has always amazed me. I used to run into it on journal sites. I never sought-out friends […]

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Mar 14 2011


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I’ve been following the terrible events in Japan closely. It’s terrible, but I was surprised by how deeply I’ve been affected. The horror that they’re still experiencing and will experience is tremendous. I could go on and on. But, then I saw a bunch of facebook posts (not from MY friends) posted on websites saying […]

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Mar 13 2011

Eating Good, Cheap

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So several people have posted that they’ve started eating healthy and it’s expensive. It is possible to eat healthfully and relatively cheaply, but it requires time and planning. SO if you’ve never planned a week of groceries and meals, it can be a tough proposition. Hints: Go with whats in-season. Farmer’s Markets are fantastic resources, […]

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Mar 04 2011

Fat Advice

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Must be the world has a vendetta against me, because two advice columns I read today had people writing in about how to help fat kids. Here’s my advice – butt out. These people worry because someone is fat and they watch them over-eat, but they don’t bother to think maybe something is wrong emotionally. […]

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