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Oct 27 2010

Crazy Sushi, St. Peters, MO

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When I was unemployed, Michael and I discussed some possible rewards for me becoming employed again. One of these rewards was going out for sushi. I love sushi. I can eat vegan without a problem or craving for meat, but I crave sushi like mad. I love fish. Pretty much any fish, I love. Sardines, […]

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Oct 26 2010

On… Something

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This past weekend, Michael and I took an Amtrak train from St. Louis to Kansas City. The trip totaled a little over 260 miles by rail, and takes about five hours. For the first two hours, I was delighted by the train itself and the Missouri river running along one side of the train. After Hermann, […]

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Oct 20 2010


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So, a study released some results the other day saying the average American walks 5,117 steps a day. That’s less than people walk in Japan, Switzerland and Australia. Not that I look to most of those countries, the possible exception being Japan, for health advice. Hell, Mr. North Korea himself has said that citizens should […]

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Oct 18 2010

White Castle is Over-Rated

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When I was in college near Baltimore, people went on food pilgrimages to two fast food restaurants: Sonic and White Castle. Michael and I would make the hour or two trip to Sonic and then drive another hour to the beach. We would often pick up and go, doing this at like 8 o’clock at night when […]

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Oct 17 2010

City Museum, St. Louis

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Today, Michael and I got up late because we were out last night seeing Jackass 3-d. Which I recommend if you liked the first two Jackass movies (which I did). There’s some disgusting stuff going on, but it’s also genuinely funny, if you laugh at that kind of stuff, which I do. Also, we should […]

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