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Sep 25 2010

Narcissistic Title Goes Here

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So not long after I put up the Mitchell Heisman post, someone named Steven Carter left this comment: I don’t know either of you. However, I do know two traits that you both share. Bloated egos and a sense that you are just so damn deep and intelligent that the world just doesn’t understand you. […]

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Sep 24 2010

Dear Mitchell Heisman

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Well, Mr. Heisman, you certainly picked an interesting way to remove yourself from this mortal coil. You shot yourself on the steps of a church and left behind a dense, immaculately researched, 1900-page suicide note that sets out all of the reasons why life on Earth is an untenable proposition for you. This could easily […]

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Sep 24 2010


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I am a ridiculously messy person. Seriously. I can sit in a room packed with clutter and relax, so long as it doesn’t smell or attract pests. In my opinion, if you’re not attracting pests, you’re doing fine and you don’t need to waste your important time cleaning. But I don’t have a job or […]

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Sep 23 2010

Ugh, Counseling

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So I moved recently. One of the first things someone who has been diagnosed and is being treated for a mood disorder does is find a counselor. I wish I could describe why this process bothers me so much. I’ve had a lot of initial appointments with counselors. Depending on where I lived, I would […]

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Sep 21 2010

Praying for Hitchens

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Hitchens reasoned response. His response may be the best I’ve heard, if only because it allows for the one worthwhile trait of prayer – that it can comfort those who believe in it. And it neatly breaks down the other side of what people mean when they say, “I’m praying for you”. They want you […]

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