May 28 2009

Things We Like – Oz and James’s Big Wine Adventure

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I fancy James May. This is the explanation for how one of my birthday gifts this year was the series Oz and James’s Big Wine Adventure. If you’re like me, you’ve never heard of this show. If you’re like me, you also somehow have a magical dvd player that can play dvds from region whatever and do the conversion from whatsohooey to whatsavich so that you can watch the dvds on your good, old American telly, which was probably actually made in Hong Kong.

Anyway, it’s a really good show. Really.

Some shows are made by characters – every Gordon Ramsay show ever is based on his personality, and little else. This show is made by the way Oz Clarke and James May interact. Oz is serious, eager, interested. James is lazy and bored, but ultimately a pretty smart guy who picks up on Oz’s teachings pretty quickly. Oz brings out a student in James and James brings out the goofy in Oz. And they play off each other so well and have so much fun that it’s actually fun to watch the dvds.

And, I’ll be danged if I didn’t learn a thing or two from the dvds. Or twenty. I’m a smarter wine drinker, and given how much wine I drank while watching the dvds, I like wine a lot better now.

The third season, Oz and James Drink to Britain, is the funniest and focuses less on learning and more on drinking, but you’ll still learn a thing or two about beer, scotch, and Oz’s Irish roots. Unless you’re drunk midway-through, like me.

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