May 22 2009

I’ve Got Your Number, Ben Stein

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I don’t like Ben Stein. I think he is evil, or at least unsavory. And Comcast now has these commercials with Shaq and him, where Stein says, “I know about money, because I’m an economist.”

And I guffaw. That’s right, I said “guffaw.” Because it seems to me if Ben Stein knew about money he’d probably find something else to do with his undeniable intelligence than commercials with Shaq or for dry, red eyes. Of course, maybe he has no money because he spent it all, making a biased, creationist, masquerading-as-science movie.

PS. Wearing sneakers with a suit is not endearing or fashionable.

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  1. Melissa JG says:

    YES YES YES. God, he is the worst.

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