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May 28 2009

Things We Like – Oz and James’s Big Wine Adventure

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I fancy James May. This is the explanation for how one of my birthday gifts this year was the series Oz and James’s Big Wine Adventure. If you’re like me, you’ve never heard of this show. If you’re like me, you also somehow have a magical dvd player that can play dvds from region whatever […]

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May 22 2009

I’ve Got Your Number, Ben Stein

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I don’t like Ben Stein. I think he is evil, or at least unsavory. And Comcast now has these commercials with Shaq and him, where Stein says, “I know about money, because I’m an economist.” And I guffaw. That’s right, I said “guffaw.” Because it seems to me if Ben Stein knew about money he’d […]

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May 13 2009


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Attention all people wearing Crocs: You look stupid. Really, really stupid. You look like someone who spent $20 on an ugly, non-functional pair of shoes that occasionally leads to horrific escalator-related maimings. Oh, wait, you are someone like that. Seriously, your shoes look stupid. Especially the new ones with the faux-fur inner lining that look […]

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May 07 2009


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About a year ago, I bought a Flat Fold Colander, which you can see Cathy Mitchell pitching on TV here. It was a good purchase, because it was six bucks, it performs as advertised, and it hasn’t broken yet. But I am not here to extol the virtues of the Flat Fold Colander, diverse though […]

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