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Mar 31 2009

Why I Still Eat Organic*

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*Or why I love The Common Market in Frederick, MD. Like most people, Michael and I are looking for ways to cut costs. We called our current cable company and ended up getting a reduced rate for the same services when we said we wanted to cut services. We’re trying to stop eating out entirely, […]

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Mar 30 2009

AIDS and Condoms, Redux

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I’ve written at length about sex education and contraception on this blog, mostly because it’s a subject I’ve done extensive research on. Which is why I get extraordinarily annoyed with the public discussion which events like the Pope’s recent comments bring about. The latest assertions that make me angry: 1. Condoms don’t prevent all STDs. […]

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Mar 26 2009


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Not the stupid tv show. Not the hours in the day. Not the number of pimples on the average teen’s face. It’s my birthday, today. That’s how old I am. When I think back over the years, I see lots of things. Mostly what I see is wasted time. Not on school or friends or […]

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Mar 25 2009

Things We Like – Fajita Grande

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Michael and I have been talking a lot about how we probably come off as bitter old fogies on this blog – or worse, spastically angry people with completely irrational moods. Well, we’re all those things, but we still like some stuff. A lot of stuff. There wouldn’t be much point to living if you […]

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Mar 20 2009

New Project:

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I’d just like to announce my new project at, in which I will tell you a new lie every day. That is all. EDIT: I should clarify that this post is not a lie. The site does exist.

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