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Feb 27 2009


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Every so often, I do some baking. I tend to do it when I’m sick or there’s a snow day mostly because I get bored. For most people, I think, cooking is relatively simple because they keep milk and eggs and butter around. Most of those things are not in my fridge. This is part […]

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Feb 19 2009

The Bird and the Bee are Good

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I take all my cues from Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job! So when Michael and I spent a good hour of our Valentine’s Day at a record store, he brought me the lp Rayguns Are Not Just the Future from The Bird and the Bee and I danced around, singing the song featured […]

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Feb 19 2009

The Eee PC is Awesome

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Kara’s laptop computer has been on its last legs for a long time now. Of course, I’m not actually sure that it ever had any first legs. I helped her pick it out, and I think there have been maybe three days since then that the laptop has actually functioned as intended. Kara has apparently […]

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Feb 17 2009

English Majors Suck

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I’ve started a few english courses for the semester, and one of my darling professors started us off with a book that many critics feel has little or no real literary merit, but is just controversial. Or was, for its time in the 1920s, with depictions of what today would be termed any number of […]

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Feb 14 2009

The National Zoo, Bullet Form

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Cool things I saw at the National Zoo: Red Pandas. These little guys look like rounded foxes. One of them climbed on a branch that was right near Michael and me, then it sat and ate bamboo about 10 feet away from us. Asian sea otters. We watched two females battle for a good five […]

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