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Dec 21 2008

Ralph Nader – Doin’ it 4 Da Shorteez

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I’ve been thinking a lot about kids lately. A friend and an acquaintance who’ve been married within the year and are the same age are pregnant. They news of both pregnancies came within a week of each other. I guess it spurs my thinking. Michael and I have been married a bit over a year, […]

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Dec 18 2008

Mail Boxes Etc Can Eat the Corn Out of my Shit

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*Title courtesy of Butt Trumpet* For those who are not in the know, every year Michael and I send a package to his relatives in the middle of the country. Last year we went to FedEx in person and they handled everything well, and our package, even though we shipped it late, even got there […]

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Dec 18 2008

Fat People Are Too Damn Sensitive

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Yo fatties, I’m saying this as a fat chick – take a chill pill. I read this complaint on consumerist and I laughed and laughed. Especially at the part where she said the clerk called her fat and poor. Because if I had that discussion with a clerk, I’d do one of a few things: […]

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Dec 12 2008

Newswriting that Annoys Me, Episode 274

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From The New York Times today: The outbreak is yet more evidence that Zimbabwe’s most fundamental public services — including water and sanitation, public schools and hospitals — are shutting down, much like the organs of a severely dehydrated cholera victim. Am I the only person that thinks this is in poor taste?

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Dec 07 2008

Consumerism Isn’t the Real Problem

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If you’ve been paying attention, everyone is writing about how that one Wal-Mart employee getting trampled means the Holidays are too consumerist and OH GOD WE’VE LOST OUR WAY IN THE MIDST OF ALL THIS KEEPING UP WITH THE JONESESESESESES! Here was my first thought: gee, maybe now Wal-Mart and everyone else will stop with […]

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