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Jun 28 2008

A Couple Recipes

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Last night I made Flounder Florentine – using whiting instead of flounder and using collards instead of spinach. I thought I’d explain it because it was pretty simple and Michael said it was good. To start, I boiled water with a vegetable bouillon cube. You could certainly use meat stock if you choose. Then I […]

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Jun 27 2008

Inari is Too Smart

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Inari often does very irritating things because she is smart. Do not ask me how she does some of the things that she does because I do not know. But yesterday evening I came home and she had managed to get a Tupperware container of shortbread cookies open and pull out ONE cookie, only one, […]

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Jun 26 2008

Richard Cheese Puts on a Hell of a Show

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Michael and I went to see Richard Cheese and Lounge Against the Machine last night at the 9:30 club. For those who have never visited 9:30, it’s a pretty small club in Washington, DC. I used to visit frequently, the shows are pretty reasonably priced, they’re all-ages unless otherwise specified, and they’re pretty well run. […]

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Jun 25 2008

Michael is Scary

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Last night, after an evening meeting and super-late bus for Michael and a load of errands for me, we decided to deviate from our scheduled meals and eat out at a  local chain restaurant. We were seated next to a mother, father and their two children (a daughter of about 6-8 years, a son of […]

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Jun 24 2008

Calvert Farm CSA Week 7

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Garlic Scapes Oregano Chard, bunch of stems Collard Greens, bunch of stems Zucchini, one Spring Mix, one bag Big head of Lettuce (Red Leaf, maybe?) Beets, one bunch Red Potatoes, 6 or so Bing Cherries, one pint Michael loves cherries, and I’m allergic (darn birch sensitivity!) to uncooked cherries, so those are all for him. […]

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