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Mar 29 2008

MD Department of Agriculture Open House

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This morning, Michael and I had fresh bread because we programmed my new birthday bread-maker last night. It made one totally money piece of bread – the crust is chewy and flaky and the bread itself is light and airy. A picture for you: Then we headed to the Department of Agriculture’s Open House. They […]

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Mar 27 2008


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I’m proud to announce that is now available via my favorite Internet protocol: Gopher. Feel free to jump down the gopher hole to gopher:// if you are using Firefox, Lynx, or another browser that supports Gopher. Our Gopher site is also available via HTTP if you’re using a browser like Internet Explorer that doesn’t […]

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Mar 27 2008

A Very Merry Unbirthday to You

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I have the good fortune to have my birthday in the very exact middle of the work-week, so I went to see my family this weekend. But, business first. Michael and I have subscribed to a CSA. CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture, but subscribing to a CSA is a turn-of-phrase that basically means we […]

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Mar 25 2008

The Most Disturbing Search Query Ever

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So, trawling through the server access logs, I find that one of our visitors this month happened upon our blog by typing the following into MSN Search: how to have a self abortion at 4 months This visitor’s IP address places them in a fairly small town in the middle of Nebraska, 90 miles from […]

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Mar 24 2008

A Veganism Rant (again)

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Ethics and reasoning often find it hard to coincide.  I see this reflected in discussions about religion, politics, and since beginning to sort out my feelings about it, in diet. I read vegan and vegetarian food blogs.  I do this because Michael and I eat mostly vegan and vegetarian.  It’s a choice we made from […]

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