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Feb 27 2008

An Open Letter to Americans Everywhere

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Hi.  How you doing?  I know, this recession sure is taking a toll on my paycheck.  Have you seen the cost of gas lately?  The dollar is dropping in value like crazy. Oh, about this article.  I know there are probably a lot of you out there who support McCain and Rep. Coburn. I think […]

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Feb 25 2008

Caribbean Oriental Restaurant

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Yesterday, Michael and I visited the Caribbean Oriental Restaurant for a late lunch after a trip to Ikea. Michael has raved about this place for a while, and every time I’ve gotten off for a federal holiday and tried to take him to lunch there, they were closed. We phoned them yesterday and they were […]

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Feb 25 2008

23 Skidoo

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Today is a really special day, for two reasons.  First – it is George Harrison’s birthday, although people argue he may have been born on the 24.  Second, it is Michael’s birthday and while he may be less well-known than George Harrison (for now…), he’s pretty important to me. I introduced myself to Michael during the […]

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Feb 21 2008

Flavor of Love 3

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It’s been two weeks since Flavor of Love 3 started.  I have to tell you, I find it disappointing so far. None of the women really stick out.  I knew Season 2 would be hard to top since the first episode that season included a brawl and a dump taken on the floor.  But really, […]

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Feb 20 2008

Easy Peasy “Tiramisu”

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This recipe is, by no means, a true tiramisu.  What it lacks in richness and tradition, though, it makes up for in ease.  Michael and I dreamed this up when I picked up mascarpone, berries and hard lady fingers.  I use Ferrara brand Crisp Savoiardi (these) for the lady fingers and find them at Shoppers Food.  I […]

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