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Jan 31 2008


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Kara’s Review Summarize the plot in one sentence. The autobiography of a woman growing up within the tumult of revolutions in Iran. Who would you take to see this movie? Explain. An indie friend who wouldn’t laugh at me for crying sometimes, someone who loves graphic novels because they’ll appreciate the medium of the movie. […]

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Jan 30 2008

The Worst of Yahoo! Answers, Episode 2: Myths and Misconceptions

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I’ve been trawling around on Yahoo! Answers for the last week or so, collecting what I like to call the “worst” of the questions and answers that appear on the site. For what it’s worth, I’ve also been answering questions — in an attempt to offset the negative karma I am doubtless accruing by poking […]

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Jan 29 2008

Nutri-Grain: Now, This Is Just Ridiculous

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I was feeling a little hungry this morning (odd, since I don’t usually). After sizing up the contents of the vending machine at work I decided to avail myself of a “Kellogg’s Nutri-Grain cereal bar” — at least, that’s what the manufacturer likes to call them. I have vague memories of eating these things occasionally […]

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Jan 28 2008

Movie Reviews

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WoDM and I are reviewing people. We review sunsets, car rides, movies, albums, magazines, food, etc. If the cat jumps, we hold up a sign rating the jump from one to ten. Inari’s jumps tend to average around 6.9 or so. We’ve discussed including reviews on the blog, mostly because we play off each other. […]

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Jan 25 2008

Celebrity Rehab

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Anyone who knows me knows I can be a little bit of a reality tv addict. Especially if it involves Flava Flav. It started with The Surreal Life and ran all the way to I Love New York 2 (Flavor of Love 3 is coming out in February). I wasn’t particularly interested in Celebrity Rehab […]

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