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Nov 30 2007

Vegetarians are Buttfaces

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I just read an article here about how if we each want to improve our carbon footprint, we’ll eat vegetarian. Now, with any article where people decry eating meat, the first hundred comments are people screaming “how dare you assert moral superiority over me” – even if the author never mentioned morals (or even the […]

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Nov 29 2007

Recipes: Caramel Corn and Biscotti

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For what it’s worth, these are my recipes for caramel corn and chocolate-almond biscotti. These aren’t original by any means, but they’re my tweaks to recipes that I found (probably online) a while back. Caramel Corn 1 stick (1/2 cup) butter — margarine can be used but is less delicious 2 cups brown sugar 1/2 […]

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Nov 29 2007

Xmas Baking, Again

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Folks, it’s nearly December which means I’ve been looking over my wish-list of Xmas baking and getting realistic about the time, skills and supplies I have. Not to mention the dieting WoDM and I are undergoing, which means limits must be imposed on the sweets I let into the household – they might not tempt […]

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Nov 27 2007

Another dag ZMAS post

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No matter what WoDM says about our kitty, he obviously adores her. We engaged in the most honorable form of torture by dressing her up in a dollar-tree brand pet santa outfit. No pictures of us three turned out unblurry or made me look skinny enough to send on Holiday cards, so I’m re-evaluating what […]

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Nov 26 2007

The Nutcracker

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WoDM likes to point out that Tchaikovsky liked the Nutcracker least out of all the ballets he composed. I don’t like xmas music, mostly, but nothing brings to the forefront my most cherished holiday memories more than The Nutcracker. I don’t know what pulls me so strongly to the Nutcracker, but I have a few […]

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