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Oct 31 2007

The Age of Consent

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WoDM and I had a big discussion about the age of consent last night, one which I continued in my head this morning. The conclusion I came to was this – the earliest age the courts decide to try a juvenile as an adult should be the age of consent. Legally, the decision to try […]

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Oct 26 2007

Oh, Brother

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WoDM and I went to a thrift store last weekend, in between picking up party supplies and going to the Asian Market.  We mostly went to the thrift store for cheap vinyl since his family gifted us with their record player, and we did, in fact, get plenty of cheap vinyl (I don’t remember all of it) […]

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Oct 25 2007

Shangri-La Is Where You Find It

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Kara posted a few days ago about her decision to quit the Shangri-La diet. I’m quitting as well. In fact, I have quit — it’s been almost two weeks since I last took the olive oil. I’m not quitting out of any particular disillusionment with the diet. The simple truth is that I stopped taking […]

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Oct 25 2007

A Hypothetical Defense of James Watson

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James Watson, eminent scientist and co-discoverer of DNA, has been derided in the press lately for insinuating that people of African descent are inherently inferior. At least, that’s what’s been reported secondhand in the American press. Perhaps I’m not actually defending him here, but I did want to find out what his exact words were. […]

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Oct 24 2007


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Smoking (cigarettes, specifically) is funny to me. The rest of this entry will likely not be very popular because I have friends and family who smoke. It’s not that I don’t respect them, it’s just that I don’t understand smoking. I have smoked. Even a few months ago, I’d have an occasional cigarette out with […]

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