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Sep 19 2007


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Yesterday, I finally got around to checking my liberal feminist websites for the first time in a few weeks. The feminists are all up in arms about Southwest Airlines. For those who aren’t in the know, a Southwest employee asked a female passenger to change her outfit before she boarded the plane, she couldn’t because […]

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Sep 19 2007

Shangri-La Diet Day 7

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I weighed 199.5 again this morning; I guess I expected to be up from yesterday’s weight. Four pounds just seems like an awful lot, and when I’ve lost weight before there’s been an initial loss followed by a quick gain of maybe half the weight that was lost. So I’ve been expecting that. Yesterday I […]

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Sep 18 2007

SLD Day 6: Something is Happening

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I said I’d admit that something was happening with the Shangri-La Diet when my scale read less than 200 pounds. Well, this morning I weighed in at 199.5. So, something is happening. My scale, incidentally, is a nice and accurate body-fat scale made by Tanita, whom I can highly recommend. I can weigh myself repeatedly […]

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Sep 17 2007

Shangri-La Diet

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I’m starting a crazy “diet.” There’s plenty of information about it on the ‘net, so I’ll spare you most of the details. Basically, you consume a certain quantity (for me right now, 2 tablespoons) of flavorless olive oil per day. Flavorless being the key. And you avoid anything that possesses any flavor for an hour […]

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Sep 13 2007

Why my Job is, Like, the Worst Job in the World

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I been doing me lots of thinking at my new job. I answer phones, schedule appts, etc at a doctor’s office. Let’s be honest, though, mostly what I do is listen to people scream at me. I ask them to repeat their name, they scream it very slowly like I’m somehow both stupid and nearly […]

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