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Aug 30 2007

To the young lady in the silver SUV

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Oh, I’m sorry. From your honking, I gather I have inconvenienced you. I apologize. What is it about my driving that frustrates you so? Is it my speed? I’m not sure how I decided to choose the speed at which I drive. It couldn’t be that I’ve adjusted my speed due to driving in an […]

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Aug 29 2007

Two Rants in One Entry

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By now, I think most readers have figured out I tend to peruse news sites with some pretty severe liberal leanings.  It’s not that I feel as if I’m getting more truth there, just a different truth.  They cover different issues.  I still read through the AP news every day, mostly to feel connected, in […]

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Aug 22 2007


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You know how I mentioned in the entry I wrote about the crazy lady with all the dead fetuses in her house, that we have more important things to be up in arms about regarding womenz rights in this country? Here‘s an article that actually means something. It’s about Michael Vick and how we would […]

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Aug 22 2007

A few thoughts for today

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I’ve been a bit obsessive lately about noting differences between men and women. I finally got past the illuminating physical differences (hmm), but now I’m on about communication. I had a therapist, who was actually a counselor who was really just a licensed social worker. I’m not negating her experience or education – her bedside […]

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Aug 21 2007

One in Four Americans Read No Books Last Year

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According to a new AP-Ipsos poll, mentioned here, 27% of Americans report reading no books over the past year. Let me remind you that we have a basic literacy rate of 99%. I had prepared some thoughts on this issue, but I think they can be adequately and succinctly summarized as follows: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! WHAT IS […]

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