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Jun 23 2005

I Hate Today’s Music

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I don’t know what has happened to popular music recently, but it’s not been good. At least, not in my opinion. I guess my musical tastes tend toward classic rock, and jazzy stuff with interesting melodies. I am totally perplexed by the crap other people my age (20) are listening to, and further perplexed that […]

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Jun 23 2005

Why Libertarians are Wrong

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On a more or less related note to my previous post about why the ACLU sucks, I’d like to explain why the Libertarian party has got it wrong (in my opinion). First off: I am a registered Libertarian, and until recently was a dues-paying member of both the national and Maryland state Libertarian party. I […]

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Jun 19 2005

No More Free Surfing @ Best Buy

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Just a quick update…no sooner than a week after my previous post, which explained how to use a Best Buy in-store kiosk for general web surfing, the hole appears to have been closed. The logo on the Partsearch website is now no longer a link. I had no luck finding another way out of their […]

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Jun 12 2005

Free Web Surfing @ Best Buy

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Seems like everywhere you go, there’s internet access available. For example, Best Buy provides terminals throughout their stores (mostly in the computers department) from which you can access their website. They’ve thoughtfully made said website (or at least the version that the kiosks access) completely devoid of outside links, and the embedded IE browser used […]

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Jun 05 2005

Adult Attention Deficit Disorder

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While ADD/ADHD is well-known and far from uncommon in children, it is much less commonly known that between 2 and 4 percent of the adult population suffer from the same symptoms. Almost universally, these symptoms begin in childhood. In Adult ADD, they never completely disappear. For many people, the disorder goes unrecognized until they are […]

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