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May 21 2005

The ACLU Sucks

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About a year ago, I became a card-carrying member of the American Civil Liberties Union. I was proud of it, too — they have a long history of striving to uphold personal freedoms in a time when such important things are too easily overlooked. So I gave them a donation of $25 which entitled me […]

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May 20 2005

The Picture of Dorian Gray

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One of my current activities, however misguided, is an effort to read all the books that I should have read long ago but never actually have. You know: In high school English, you get a list of a hundred books and are told to write reports about three of them, and so you trudge through […]

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May 20 2005

Hello World

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So, yeah, here’s the obligatory first post. In this case it actually is obligatory because the WordPress software generates a PHP error if no posts are present. I’m also proud to announce that, with the addition of this revamped site, every single human being on Earth now has a blog.

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